Sap Scheduling Agreement Availability Check

Open the sales delivery plan 30000669 and review the planning plan The planning back and forth is based on storage movements inside the plant (storage location). These movements are based on the actual movement of goods. The stock in hand may be of a different nature: processing at the item level:All open classifications for the article are read and collected, then transferred to the availability review. To sort and prioritize documents, you don`t need each ranking line. Just have the element or data from the first classification. All open classifications for the item are processed and verified. Example of article processing:Tri: date (first classification delivery date) – Document numberDoc. A cat. doc. Number doc. It`s doc. Availability plan: 4500000012 10 0001 26.01.PO 4500000012 10,0002 26.02.PO 4500000025 20 0 0 0 28.01.PO 4500000025 20 0002 02.02.You can see that the second calendar line for document 450000025/20 is 02.02.

was established after the second classification for document450000012/10 of 26.02. Treated. This is because all divisions open for an item are read and processed. The first classification from 450000012/10 is the earliest delivery date, which is why it is a priority. Try VOV6 – here you can disable requirements and availability. So I recommend you review your configuration. Testing method for proofs of re-adjustment: a check on the availability of relocation certificates during rescheduling is carried out in accordance with the test carried out during the manual preparation of a proof. However, if the required quantity is not available for a calendar on a given date and is not ready until later, new classifications will be established for relocation and delivery plans containing the relevant data. In this case, new positions are created for conversion requirements. The total ranking amounts for a processed calendar position correspond to the ranking volume of the initial calendar line.

First example: Use a transfer command post with aschedule line:a) item status before reprogramming run:Del. date PO quantity Confirmed qty Confirmed del. date23.07. 50 Article 0 Article -> This now affects the inventory/need situation:- The output of goods is reserved for equipment in the delivery plant on 23.07.- An order for 10 items for equipment in the delivery plant. Delivery is expected on 29.07.07.b) Status of the repositioning command post after reprogramming:Del. Date Quantity PO Confirmed qty Confirmation date23.07. Article 40 Article 40 Article 10 Article 10 Article 29.07. > The first classification has been modified based on the results of the reprogramming test. Only 40 of the 50 original items were delivered on 23.07. Therefore, a new classification will be established for the remainder on 29.07. 10 confirmed items.

The second example is the same starting situation as the example above. This > now has an impact on the stock/need situation: for the equipment in the delivery plant, an order is made for 10 items. Extradition is expected on 29.07. Another purchase shows 40 other items planned on the 30.07.Status of the transfer position after the run:Del reprogramming. Date PO Quantity Confirmed qty best-tigt del. datum29.07. Article 10 Article 10 Article 40 Article 40 Article 30.07.

> The first classification has been modified based on the results of the reprogramming test. The original delivery date is set for the date confirmed in the ATP cheque. For the remaining 40 items available on 30.07.Notes: Q), a new classification will be created to see the availability screen? Tell me the ASAP response As the stock is available, the system has confirmed the quantity.