Teacher Ipad User Agreement

Students must allow school staff to observe the use of their device to confirm compliance with school guidelines, procedures and guidelines. In the classroom, the teacher or other designated adult determines the appropriate and inappropriate use of technology. Although the directive authorizes the use of an iPad for the authorized use of the school or this document, its use in the classroom is not permitted without the explicit consent of the teachers. Teachers can indicate schedules without technology. It is inappropriate to try to use the technology in a way that is inappropriate, not approved by the teacher, or contrary to the classroom`s educational purpose. Interclass or interclass communications of any mode (e.g.B. audio, video, email, chat) must be expressly authorized by the teacher for each specified period (e.g. B a period of teaching). All iPads, including PODs, must be placed in “monitoring” so that teachers can manage the use of devices in their classrooms and the school can transfer content to students` individual iPads.

Use management functions are only used if the device is used in conjunction with a school-related activity. If devices leave such activities, there will be no direct teacher management, but content limitations may remain on the devices. The monitoring mode should not interfere with the normal use of the iPad. If, at any time, the school loses its monitoring status on an iPad (z.B. the iPad has been connected to a computer and either restored to factory settings or restored to an unmonitored state), this iPad can only be used in school functions when it is monitored. Although monitoring activation removes the iPad, all content can be downloaded and installed once the process is complete. For apps that store information on an iPad (for example. B, sites, difficulties, etc.), it is highly recommended to set up the application in order to back up documents on iCloud or any other online file storage (p.B Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or these files are lost.

All devices must be delivered immediately when requested by a teacher or school administrator. If deemed necessary, the school management can consult the iPad and all information stored at any time, with or without notice. The student received no privacy expectations regarding anything stored on an iPad, sent or used via an iPad as part of this agreement.