What Is A Sponsored Research Agreement

The PSO encourages ISPs to send the Yale SRA model with the proposal. However, if the sponsor sends an agreement, the PSO will enter into negotiations to inform IP of any concerns. In general, SRAs include the following: in this period of uncertainty and potential for research program delays/interruptions, it is important to keep research sponsors informed of the status of funded research initiatives. Each initiative is subject to a research agreement that includes contractual obligations. Small sponsors and/or private sponsors are not allowed to publicly communicate the impact of the current climate on existing research agreements. If you have any questions/concerns about existing agreements with such sponsors, please contact the relevant VPRI staff. The university strives to promote cooperation with the industry in which we share the interests of research. To explore these opportunities, please visit the Office of Foundation – Corporate Relations, which serves as a general resource for business contacts throughout the university; or the Polsky Centre, which is responsible for intellectual property and intellectual property licensing issues. The university is committed to covering the full costs of research activities. All research projects should recover the maximum allowable amount of direct and indirect costs. Can students research as part of a sponsored research agreement? In accordance with federal regulations, all faculty members designated as IP in a sponsored project must make some effort to this project in order to ensure the necessary supervision/management. For more information on the effort, see Policy 1316 Effort Commitment: Managing Effort Associated with Sponsored Projects Preliminary discussions on a proposed sponsored project can begin long before an industrial partner is ready to implement an SRA. However, before a SRA project can be developed, the lead investigator (PI) must first submit a project proposal to the OIE for review and approval.

A proposal must include at least one work account, a project budget and a budget statement. Additional information and documents may be requested during the proposal review process. If the sponsor and IP wish to move forward with the proposed project, an ASA project will be developed, including the approved establishment and budget, as well as the agreed amount of funding, the payment plan and all known core intellectual property rights of the PN/COP. Contact the IPO at an early stage of your negotiations.