Touchstone Tenancy Agreement

Our partners who offer check-in and check-out services and provide information for the management of rental bonds have changed the way they work to reduce the risk of COVID-19. That`s why we`ll try to complete the administrative tasks related to all entries and extracts as quickly as possible, but some of these processes may take longer than normal. Only customers and authorized users listed on the rental agreement can reside in the property. “Live” is defined by a guest who stays more than two weeks. It took more than two years to repair our roof. The roof caused water to enter one of the bedrooms, filling the ceiling with mold. The agent I dealt with was extremely incompetent and not helpful. In fact, she was so of little use that she almost felt like she was having fun with it. The roof has been repaired, but two months on the scaffolding is still outside our house, so we can`t open any of the windows at the front.

Again, the same agent is not of a help, I called her several times to have the scaffolding removed. Whenever she has an excuse and she will call me back. Guess something. She never calls back. How is this person still employed by the control stone? The best part is that you ask to file a complaint – she doesn`t know what the complaint procedure is and tells me to talk to a social worker. If you have any other questions that are not addressed in the FAQs, please email Touchstone Rental Agreements and all related documents, they are responsible for all matters related to the rental. Once you are adults, you must add them to the lease. So, please, contact us to find out.

If you have any questions about your lease, please contact us. We know that this is always a difficult time. Customers should continue to pay rent and comply with all other terms of their lease. The lease levels agreed in the lease agreements remain legally due. The government has a strong package of financial assistance, and where you can pay the rent as usual, you should. Anyone residing in the property must be listed on the lease and verified by us. If you would like to add another person to your lease, please contact us. Please also take into account the administrative costs (as indicated in the Rules on Fees). Please make sure you have our written permission before new tenants move in. The state`s instructions provide that people continue to pay rent and comply with the other terms of their lease as best they can. The lease levels agreed in the lease agreements remain legally due. 2.

Deposit (by rental contract). Rental less than £50,000 per year) Five-week rental. This covers damage or delays suffered by the tenant during the lease. Deposit (by rental contract). Rental of £50,000 or more per year) Six week rental. This covers damage or delays suffered by the tenant during the lease. Cambridge Property Lettings is only an importer for Touchstone on behalf of the owner. Cambridge Property Lettings will pass on the applicants` data to Touchstone, which will take care of all rental-related matters. 7. Early termination (rental request) If the tenant wishes to leave his contract prematurely, he is responsible for the costs of the owner when res ressuring the property as well as for all rents due under the lease until the start of the replacement rental contract. These costs do not exceed the maximum amount of rent during rental.

Your rental agreement is valid for a fixed period of time, so you must stay in the property until the expiry date.. . .