Sample Letter for Renewal of Employment Contract

Are you a valued employee nearing the end of your employment contract? Are you hoping to continue your work with your current employer? If so, writing a well-crafted letter requesting the renewal of your employment contract can help ensure your continued commitment to your job.

Here’s a sample letter for renewal of employment contract you can use as a guide:

[Your name]

[Your address]

[City, State ZIP Code]

[Your phone number]

[Your email address]


[Employer’s name]

[Employer’s address]

[City, State ZIP Code]

Dear [Employer’s name],

I am writing to request the renewal of my employment contract which is due to expire on [date]. I have greatly enjoyed my time at [company name] and am eager to continue my work with your team.

During my time here, I have had the opportunity to work on several exciting projects and have gained valuable experience in [areas of expertise]. I have also developed strong working relationships with my colleagues, and I believe that my dedication and commitment to the company have been demonstrated through my actions and results.

I strongly believe that my skills and experience will continue to contribute to the success of the company, and I hope that you will consider renewing my employment contract. I am open to negotiation regarding the terms of the contract, including salary and benefits, if necessary.

I look forward to continuing my work with [company name]. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your name]

With this sample letter as a guide, you can express your desire to continue your employment and highlight your contributions to the company. Remember to highlight your accomplishments and value to the organization, and negotiate the terms of your contract if necessary.

In addition, make sure to optimize your letter for SEO by including relevant keywords in your subject line and body text. This can help your letter appear in search results and increase its visibility to potential employers.

By following these tips and using this sample letter, you can increase your chances of having your employment contract renewed and continuing your career with your current employer.