Summertime Happenings

Summer Tutoring

Available for Kindergarten – 7th Grade

Summer Tutoring:

  • Strengthen students understanding of information they've previously been taught.
  • Help students catch up and focus on the concepts that they may have struggled with during the school year.

Benefits to Summer Tutoring:

  • Reinforce concepts and skills through practice and engaging activities catered to your child’s learning style.
  • Assign homework if needed to reinforce concepts during the summer break.
  • Build your child’s confidence in academics by strengthening areas that needs improvement.


Does your child have an interest in learning Spanish but not enough time in the school year?

Children will have an opportunity to learn beginning Spanish in a fun, learning environment in the summer.
Classes are 1 hour a week.
Focuses on vocabulary acquisition and practical conversation rather than formal grammar. With the songs, visual aids, and games, students acquire new Spanish vocabulary. In addition to these words, cognate words are used throughout the program, giving students an additional set of Spanish vocabulary very similar to words they already know in English.
Students become familiar “by ear” with the sounds and common language structures of Spanish. By incorporating original songs, games creative colorful visuals, movement, American Sign Language, skits, activity pages, and multimedia resources, we ensure that the program engages each student in his or her preferred learning style.

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